Isis Emir In Daraa Blows Himself Up In Clashes With Other Terrorists

2 months ago 10/08/2022
  • 10/08/22

    On August 9, ISISs top leader in southern Syria, Abu Salem al-Iraqi, was killed in a confrontation with former rebels in the town of Adawan in the western countryside of Daraa.

    After being cornered in his hideout inside the town, al-Iraqi detonated an explosive belt he was wearing killing himself as well as a former rebel and wounding a civilian he had taken as a hostage.

    The former rebels who carried out the raid in Adawan were among those who joined the general reconciliation agreement in Da... [see source for more information]

  • 10/08/22

    A local source in Daraa province, located in southwestern Syria, reported the death of one of the senior leaders of the ISIL terrorist group in ...

  • 10/08/22

    The Emir of ISIS in Daraa blew himself up during a clash with other terrorists killing himself, his bodyguard, a civilian, and one of the comman...